there are different ways how to make loopstitches. Here I show you my way.




take a loop through a stitch (left picture) and prick again in the same stitchhole (right picture)
put your thumb in the direction of arrow (left image) under the yarn (middle picture) and lay the thumb with the yarn on the position where you started (right picture)
lay the yarn arround the hook (left picture) and pull the yarn through the stitch (middle picture). Lay the loop behind the work (right picture).
now you have to put your stitches on the hook like double crochets.
Take care that the stitches always have the same size. The loops should look like those you see on the left picture. If you want to cut the loops, please try to cut exactly in the middle of the loop (middle picture) On the right picture you can see how it looks like if all the loops are cut.
Have fun!!!